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All of our services and consultations require appointments. Your time with us is reserved for you, we ask that you please give 24 hours notice should you need to change or cancel your appointment.

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  Our Philosophy
Wake Up With MakeUp continues to grow because we have found that our customers allow us to do what we love. We pride ourselves in making your time with us as individual as you are. Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty. We offer many different treatments to achieve your desired results. We would be delighted
to schedule a complimentary consultation
so that we may better describe our services
and treatments to you.

At Wake Up With MakeUp! we pride ourselves in personalized skin care.
We treat each face with distinction so that we may properly choose
the correct cleansers, toners, peels and masks to achieve the best results.
All facials include a deep cleanse, steam, massage, exfoliation and mask.

Cellulite Reduction Therapy (NEW)

“Change Your Body Without Surgery”

Introducing the GX99 to relieve the following conditions:

Unexplained weight gain, daily exercise with poor results, unusual fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain & spasms, poor muscle tone, restless leg syndrome, migraine headaches, disturbed sleep patterns, scar tissue, poor circulation, cold extremities, fluid retention, constipation, & slow metabolism.

What is Cellulite?
Cellulite has been characterized as plump fat cells that are stuck together giving the appearance of dimpled or orange peel skin. It is found on the inner and outer thighs, buttocks, hips, knees, back of the arm and abdominal areas.

How did I get cellulite?
Cellulite is commonly linked to:
Lack of water, mineral oil based skin care products, genetics, pregnancy, medications, tight undergarments, yo-yo dieting, smoking, consumption of foods high in preservatives and obesity.

Is it possible to reduce Cellulite?
Absolutely! Although there is no permanent cure for it, there is a way to effectively fight and drastically reduce it with the GX99.

What can I expect from my treatments?
With proper body analysis and a customized treatment program performed with physiotherapy, a vibratory massage, we are able to decrease excess fluid retention and unblock the paths of the lymphatic system to increase circulation and metabolism. The results are increased blood flow and a decrease of lumps and bumps, which are broken down to allow the body to re-establish the elasticity of the connective tissue. Each treatment is equivalent to a 45 min aerobic workout. A slimmer, more toned, smoother body is an expected result.

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Radiancy IPL System (NEW)

LHE (Light and Heat) therapies rely on the innate synergetic relationship between light and heat to create a singularly efficient photo-thermal technique. Various procedures include:

A revolutionary technology known as selective photo-thermalysis targets age spots, hyper-pigmented areas, as well as facial vascular lesions including rosacea. The treatment begins with restoration of the skins collagen fibers while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Suggested schedule for hyper-pigmented lesions, fine lines and wrinkles, firming and toning are one treatment per month for a minimum of three months. Vascular lesions (micro spider facial veins) and rosacea are two times per week for a minimum of three weeks.

Acne Phototherapy:
Creates an oxygen rich environment that destroys the harmful acne causing bacteria while minimizing inflammation. Recommended treatment schedule is two times per week for four weeks, for a total of eight treatments.

Hair Removal:
This photo epilation procedure ensures permanent hair reduction both safely and efficiently on all skin types. The hair is removed by damaging the root, thereby significantly delaying its re-growth. Recommended treatments are every six weeks.

Upper Lip, Bikini, Underarms, Back, Chin, Legs, Fingers or Toes, Chest

Pricing for other areas available upon consultation.

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Personalized for you Facial:
Deep cleansing European Facial, including a skin analysis to determine the needs of your skin, followed by a specially formulated mask created just for you.

Paraffin & Mud Hydrating Facial:
Extremely hydrating treatment beneficial to dehydrated and mature skin. Fine lines and open pores are minimized leaving your skin soft with a supple appearance and smooth surface.

Seaweed Healing Facial:
Natures’ own mineral rich marine based healer is used in this treatment for abused, sunburned, wind burned and damaged skin. A seaweed mask reduces redness and feels refreshing as well as having therapeutic properties.

Four Layer Firming Facial:
The quick fix for a tighter, firmer, toned appearance. Four Glorious Layers of masks to mimic a face lift. Superb compliment for a special occasion to create a smooth palate for a perfect a makeup application.

Aromatherapy Facial:
Balance your mind and senses to achieve total relaxation and become entranced with your relaxed breathing pattern. Your choice of Aromatherapy Oil is then incorporated into your treatment and a lymphatic drainage massage is performed on the face and neck to relieve sinus pressure and tension.

Teen Facial:
Deep cleansing and purifying to treat acne and target delicate teen skin conditions. Clarifying products are used in this treatment. Home care is requested so the surface of the skin remains free of acne bacteria and pores continue to be decongested.

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Aggressive Skin Care Treatments

The following treatments create a change in the growth cycle of skin cells. By prematurely forcing the dead cells to shed and new cells to reproduce quicker the result is even toned, smooth, hydrated and more youthful looking skin.

Glycolic & Salicylic Acid Facials:
Personalized for you facial with a series of Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid Peels to remove dead skin buildup, hyper-pigmentation, congestion and adult acne, leaving the skin soft and smooth and clear. Minimum of six treatments to achieve best possible results.

Resurfacing of the skin to reverse signs of aging and to remove a build up of dead cells caused by sun exposure, dehydration, pregnancy, birth control, smoking, medications and the environment. Skin will be brighter, clearer and smoother. Product absorption will increase to benefit growth of new cells.Minimum of six treatments to achieve best possible results.

LED Light Therapy:
LED Light Therapy is used to compliment the above treatments, destroying bacteria on the surface, tightening pores and diminishing fine lines.

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Additional Services Offered

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal. Once the hair has been treated the papilla dries up and the follicle closes, which creates a smooth appearance on the surface of the skin. Analysis of the area and history of previous hair removal is necessary to determine the number of treatments needed.

Permanent Eyelash Extensions:
Clusters of silk eyelashes permanently glued to your own lashes that last 6 weeks with a maintenance treatment required during the third week. Your own lashes can be enhanced with two rows, or you can create a dramatic effect by adding additional rows.

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Permanent Cosmetics

Barbara Strafella, D.A.A.M., C.P.C.T., L.M.T.A., has been creating Beautiful Faces for over twenty years. Her career began as a Cosmetologist, followed by extensive training in makeup application including special lighting makeup and camouflage. Barbara went a step further by adding advanced education in Permanent Cosmetics and Medical Tattooing. Her training was enhanced by working with some of the finest cosmetic surgeons on Staten Island to fulfill the need for medical tattooing. She continues to work closely with these physicians and their patients on Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. All procedures are performed under aseptic conditions with sterilized disposable needles. All procedures require a consultation.

Procedures Offered:

Permanent Eyebrows
Permanent Eye Liner
Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent MakeUp, or Permanent Cosmetics are available to those who would like to “Wake Up With MakeUp!” It is waterproof, smear proof, kiss proof and most importantly, can be an enhancement or a re-creation of your facial features. The procedure consists of implantation of micro-pigments into the second layer of the skin. All procedures are natural looking and feature-enhancing.

If your brows are gone before the day is over or you are self conscious about having your brows on 24/7, you are a perfect candidate for permanent eyebrows. Eyebrow arches seem to disappear or droop as we age, causing unneeded stress. Permanent MakeUp can fill in sparse brows or raise your brow and arch to give the appearance of a brow lift. Most permanent eyeliner procedures are performed because applying eyeliner in a straight line has become a daily chore. Have you recently purchased a magnifying mirror to use while applying your eyeliner? If so, then permanent eyeliner could be the right choice for you. Upper and lower eyeliner applications are available. Eliminate the need for reapplying your lipstick and lip liner throughout the day. Permanent lip liner will leave your lips well defined with a healthy look, appearing fuller and straighter. Besides having perfectly shaped lips, a positive benefit to having permanent lip liner is a decrease in the appearance of upper lip wrinkles.

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Medical Tattooing & Scar Revision

Procedures Offered:

Lipliner, Full Lip Color, Eyebrows, Eyeliner
Areola Repigmentation
Scar Revision

Other treatments available upon request

Medical Tattooing offers choices to those who need to replace or re-create a feature back to its original shape. It can improve the self esteem of those who have experienced changes in their appearance due to a variety of illnesses and diseases. The upper or lower lip can be augmented to avoid the need for collagen injections which create a fuller lip, or we can create a natural lip line to modify a clef palate. Applying eyeliner can be a daily challenge for those with arthritis, limited motor skills, or vision impairments. Eyebrows can be re-created to their original arch for those treated with chemotherapy and radiation that either have no hair or bare spots on the brow. Scar revision is available to treat burned skin by restoring collagen to its natural state allowing pores to resurface. All procedures are available for men, women and children.

Areola Repigmentation:             
   Post Mastectomy
   Breast Lift
   Breast Augmentation

Scar Revision:                          
   Lip Roll
   Face Lift
   Breast Augmentation

Color Revision:            
   Hair Transplants

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Permanent Eyebrows
“Home of The Perfect Brow”

Perfect eyebrows are a must at Wake Up With MakeUp!, Barbara has shaped brows
for many of the industries major cosmetic companies at “Brow Events”. She is known
to create the perfect brow for every face shape. Permanent MakeUp is then incorporated
into this perfect brow theory, only after your own brows have been perfectly shaped to suit
your facial features, even if you have minimal hair to work with. Your brows will have a soft powdery finish, which resembles natural brow hair.

Another option is to totally recreate your brow shape to offer the illusion of a brow lift.
Either way your new shape will flow with your eyes to frame your face and compliment
your skin tone and eye color.

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Permanent Eyeliner

When the eyes are not outlined they blend into the rest of your face, when properly
outlined the iris appears significantly larger and the eyes become more noticeable.
The eyes own natural shape takes on a youthful form when attention is drawn to
the lashes instead of the lids.

All eyeliners begin with a lash enhancement that connects them at the base to give
the look of fuller lashes with the eyes open. Eyeliner can then be tattooed on the lid
to your specifications either following your shape to keep a natural look or winged
to create a lift to the outer edge.

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Permanent LipLiner

Lipliner can restore the upper lip to its original shape. With certain facial movements
your natural lipline can be found and then recreated. Once this step is complete you
have the options of enhancing your lip or making it appear fuller and or multi-toned
to suggest a pout.  

Full lip color can replace lipstick. It also can correct lip scars, clef palates,
or straighten an uneven lip.

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Special Services

Expert brow shaping at the "Home of the Perfect Brow".

Personalized "Skin Care & Glycolic Treatments".

Makeup applications & "Air Brush Makeup".

Hair removal by Electrolysis.

Introducing "Hello Gorgeous" mineral makeup.

All phases of "Permanent Makeup" cosmetic & medical 
   Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Liner, Full Lip Color, Beauty Marks,
   Areola Repigmentation.

Gift Certificates Available in any denomination and are perfect for any occasion.
Call for Monthly & Holiday Specials!

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