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Procedures Include:
Permanent Eyebrows.
Permanent Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement.
Permanent Lipliner and Full Lip Color.
Beauty Marks.
Areola Replacement and Repigmentation.

What Can Permanent MakeUp Offer You?
Permanent MakeUp eliminates the need for daily applications of costly
conventional cosmetics. By having your makeup permanently applied,
you will always have the look you would otherwise spend time to create.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions,
you are a good candidate for Permanent MakeupÖ

Is your time limited during your morning routine?

How would you like to wake up looking perfect?

Wouldnít you love to leave the gym looking like you
   didnít just leave the gym?

Do you suffer from allergies or have watery eyes?

Would you like to be able to eat any meal without
  eating your lipstick too?

Do you find yourself using a magnifying mirror to apply
  your makeup?

Has it become difficult to get your eyebrows even?

Do you have arthritis in your hands?

Are you tired of having to reapply numerous times
  during the day?

Are you a surgical nurse or doctor who canít wear
  conventional makeup at work?

Are you in a profession that keeps you from wearing
  makeup due to sweat or excessive heat (aerobics instructor,
  letter carrier etc.)?

Do you suffer from Alopecia?

Do you have any form of Vision Impairment?

How Is Permanent Makeup Applied?
Permanent MakeUp is implantations of micropigments into the skin.

Does It Hurt?
A topical anesthetic is applied and swelling is minimal.
Most patients are able to resume normal activities
in a few hours.

What Can I Expect During The Procedure?
Your time with me will consist of a consultation discussing
your needs, your style, your likes, color scheme and medical
history. Also, as I am performing each step of your procedure,
I will explain what I am doing in detail.

Can I Change The Color When I Want
A Different Look?

Any conventional make-up may be applied directly over your
Permanent MakeUp to enhance or to cover it completely.

I Have Breast Cancer, Iíve Completed
My Reconstruction, Can You Help Me?

Yes, I can help you. I work closely with Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons
to complete the reconstructive phase of a mastectomy. I will meet with
you before your surgery, during the process if you like, and between
four and eight months after your surgery to repigment your areola.



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